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Why should I choose Web Design SEO?

When you choose to work with us you get the best content writers on your Team. You will find our content writing service is of the highest quality in every sector we cover. We love what we do because we know that good content can have a positive impact on your business. Most of our content writing work is generated through recommendations from current content partners.

We understand that there are so many options out there when you are looking for content writing services. We view all our content partners as just that, partners working together to achieve a common goal. So let’s create something together that means something.

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Content Writing Solutions

Bulk E-Commerce

Looking to increase content on your E-Commerce product or category pages, this can give you a huge advantage in a competitve market place

Website Rewrites

Taking a look at your website and adding in more high vaule keyword into your content or bulking out low word content or service pages

SEO Content

We can create an SEO content plan that will help you pick topics that you are more likely to rank for to increase traffic and leads to your website

New websites

Setting up a content plan from the start of a new website can be a great way to rank for product or services keywords faster.

PR Articles

Looking to release PR articles about your business, we can write and release the PR articles to gain your business exposurein your sector.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are a great way to gain traffic to your website, by writing informative content that offers something to the end user.

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What you get:

green tick content writing An in-house team dedicated to human-written content that creates quality copy

green tick content writing Having a deep understanding of content engagement

green tick content writing You can order content via email, discord, Click up, or your preferred collaboration platform

green tick content writing Fully transparent prices of £100, £110, or £120 per 1,000 words with a minimum £400 retainer. Bulk orders of 10,000 words or more get a £0.09 per word rate

Keyword Research

We offer keyword research reports that enable us to identify not only the best keywords for your pages and posts. Having a keyword report makes sure that keywords added to the content give you the best chance to generate traffic and leads to your website. The power of doing in-depth keyword research is often forgotten as part of a content strategy. Ordering a keyword report gives you an idea of the traffic volume pages or blog posts could achieve. We charge £100 per report and generally takes 1 or 2 days.

Keyword Location Page Content

If you have a business that operates in a large area that has a cluster of different locations, having a high-ranking content page in each of these locations can benefit your business. Say you are a trade business that needs to rank for your business keyword in multiple locations then this is for you.

As an example:

blocked drains Brighton = 90 searches per month

blocked drains Portsmouth = 90 searches per month

blocked drains Southampton = 260 searches per month

Creating a location page that has in-depth content about the topic, can generate more leads for your business. If your business operates in multiple areas then this is part of a great local SEO strategy.

Web Design and SEO Case Studies

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We have been using the SEO Services for over a year and i couldn’t be happier as we rank page 1 for all the services we offer which generates us more leads.

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Bruce CraikTick

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The SEO team have worked magic with my website after it was built by another agency and it didn’t really rank well. They have managed to turn it around, couldn’t thank them enough.

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I have nothing but praise for WDS, the work has been amazing and has enabled my website to move up the rankings to generate my business some very good leads.

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Content Agency FAQs

  • What are your prices?

    We have made this as simple as we can as we have a minimum retainer of £400 and the price is £0.10, £0.11, and £0.12 per word.

    So our retainer amount of £400 will give you 4,000 words that can be divided up how you please.

    If you are ordering over 10,000 words within the same month, we offer a discounted rate of £0.09 per word giving you 10,000 words for £900

  • How do I order?

    Simply just email us

  • Can you upload our content?

    yes, of course, we do it for free

  • Is there a briefing process?

    Of course, you can fill out this content form so we can get to know your business and who your target customers are.

    We can offer a keyword harvest that can include keywords and topics. The cost of this is £100 for a report or if you have a brief for us to work from.

    If you have a list of topics on which you would like us to create content, that works as well for us.

  • Will you sign an NDA?

    Yes we understand and are happy to please email over